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2D Design and Color Theory
2D Design and Color Theory

Course: 2D Design and Color Theory 

Project: Editorial Illustration. Color Harmonies; Color Proportion

Description: Students employ one of the common color harmonies to create compositions that demonstrate balance and color proportion while illustrating a recent news story. 
The headlines they are given do not already have illustrations associated with the article.

Learning Outcomes: Students distinguish the relative aspects of color perception and color effect as they apply to solving design problems. They understand and apply color theory vocabulary to effectively communicate ideas in color and justify color decisions.

Medium: Students have a choice of media. The examples below were different solutions that were created in response to a New York Times article titled "What We Miss When We're Masked". The example on the left was designed in Adobe Illustrator. The example in the middle was created in Procreate. While the example on the right was created using acrylic and micron pen.